Who We Are

The d.illusion pictures team


Brian Devlin was born to be a producer, though he did not discover that himself until taking his first film class sophomore year at the University of California, Los Angeles. Picking up degrees in both film and biology has equipped him with an uncommon approach to problem solving within the film industry. While attending school in Los Angeles, he participated in the UCLA Summer Producing Program, interned at Lotus Entertainment and worked on big budget commercial sets. From coordinating production on feature films to low-budget passion projects, Brian has worked throughout the spectrum of filmmaking budgets. There is nothing Brian enjoys more than connecting exceptional people and conveying their voice into a work of art. His efficiency as a producer and empathy as a person make him an exceptional leader. His recent short film “Prey” has received recognition as a finalist in Tokyo and New York, as well as receiving the “Best of Fest Award” from the Palm Springs LGBTQ film festival. Brian’s favorite films include The Greatest Showman, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Joe Dirt.

Huntr McMillan

Huntr McMillan is a filmmaker known for his “in your face” directing and razor-sharp writing. His undergraduate thesis film “The Believer” is the most award-winning film to be produced at Northern Arizona University and has earned 10 Best Picture awards from all over the world. Huntr is the first, and only, student from the university to ever win a Rocky Mountain Emmy Award which he received in 2020 for Best College Director. His follow up film “Prey” was a Best Picture Finalist in Tokyo and New York. Forever a student of the craft, Huntr’s focus is to tell engaging stories that compel audiences to occupy themselves within the material they are watching. His professional experience ranges from Jennifer Lopez music videos to Pepsi Super Bowl Commercials and everything in between. He also spent two years on the judge’s panel for the Sedona International Film Festival screenwriting contest. Huntr’s passion for the visual medium is uncompromising and his ability to communicate dense ideas into simple concepts makes working alongside him an absolute delight. Huntr’s favorite films include Jaws, No Country For Old Men, and The Big Lebowski.

Cheyenne Nichol

Cheyenne Nichol is a cinematographer whose films have received global recognition. Her innate ability to connect with subjects through the lens is unique. Her films have amassed over 10 best picture awards. Cheyenne’s versatility is truly one-of-a-kind and this is only further proven through her filmography. From documentaries to crime-thrillers, she has the proficiency to understand and digest a variety of cinematic styles. Her time at Northern Arizona University played a pivotal role in her growth as an artist where she developed a true understanding of visual language. Her undergraduate thesis film “The Believer” is the most award winning film ever to be produced at the university. A Sony fan-girl by trade, Cheyenne creates moving images worth being hung in museums. Some of her favorite movies include Short Term 12, Den of Thieves, and Hot Rod.

Tanner Wilson

Tanner Wilson is an editor and film student at Arizona State University. From a young age he’s dreamed of only one thing – editing films. He is especially intrigued with movie trailers, and received his first opportunity to edit a feature film trailer in 2020. Tanner’s keen eye and unrelenting attention to detail makes him a director’s dream. His deep understanding of cinema shines through in every cut he makes. He has an acute awareness for cinema, refined through years of studying . With a true passion for the medium, Tanner has dedicated his life to the craft. His first film “Prey” was selected as a finalist in several film festivals. His passion for gritty, psychological thrillers influences his sense of pace and timing in all of his works. Some of Tanner’s favorite films include In Bruge, Birdman, and Se7en.